I believe President Hinkley's remarks on this issue succinctly and 
precisely outline the present direction of church policy on the marriage 
controversy.  The church is actively pursuing every means to defend 
traditional marriage, including representation in the courts and support 
for individual and group efforts to oppose the legalization of same-sex 
marriage.  It would seem that we are not justified in failing to pursue 
these efforts, regardless of our regard for the chance of success or 
failure.  President Hinckley explains our rationale for such efforts --

God-sanctioned marriage between a man and a woman has been the basis of 
civilization for thousands of years. There is no justification to 
redefine what marriage is. Such is not our right, and those who try will 
find themselves answerable to God.

Some portray legalization of so-called same-sex marriage as a civil 
right. This is not a matter of civil rights; it is a matter of morality.

Others question our constitutional right as a church to raise our voice 
on an issue that is of critical importance to the future of the family.  
We believe that defending this sacred institution by working to preserve 
traditional marriage lies clearly within our religious and 
constitutional prerogatives. Indeed, we are _compelled_ by our doctrine 
to speak out...

...I commend those of our membership who have voluntarily joined with 
other like-minded people to defend the sanctity of traditional marriage. 
 (Gordon B. Hinckley, “Why We Do Some of the Things We Do,” Ensign, Nov. 

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