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>But I thought you did support same sex civil unions. Am I

"Support" is probably not the right word, particularly given the
explosive baggage that has been attached to practically
everything in this debate.  I do not support extramarital sex of
any kind.

Here some issues that I'm mulling over at the moment:

1) The state should not attempt to define/sanction ordinances of
the church. The state should make laws that are consistent with
the U.S. Constitution. The church should "bless" what it chooses
to bless.

I agree with you here.

2) As I read the constitution, the tax codes (for example) must
ensure equal treatment under law for all people; special
treatments/exemptions should be applied in uniform and consistent
ways. No doubt certain kinds of well-defined domestic
partnerships are of benefit to the state and therefore should be
entitled to special taxation benefits/entitlements. Definitions
of same ought to crafted very carefully and applied uniformly.

Actually, I'm in favor of completely abolishing the income tax, and all its loopholes and exceptions, and replacing it with some type of national sales tax. This, in my opinion, is the only fair way to treat everyone as equals under the law.

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Moral Anarchy is the seedbed of Tyranny--R. W. (Bob) Lee

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