On Thu, 9 Aug 2012, Jasper Wallace wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a domain but my registrar dosn't do dnssec so i use the isc dlv 
> system to publish my KSK.
> This all works ok.
> my current KSK is nearing the end of it's life so i want to do the ksk 
> rollover and get the new ksk in the isc dlv system.
> I guess that i can go ahead and activate it, but I want to check that that
> won't replace the existing key.

So i just decided to try it and it works, i now have 2 ksk's and the isc 
dlv system is happy with both.

zkt-ls says 'act' for the new key.

Would still like a definative answer to this tho :)

> Presumably it's ok to have 2 KSK's for a short time?
> I'm using zkt-1.1.0 (compiled myself) on debian.

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