[Jim Fulton]
> In other words, implementing the interface that transactions expect of
> things like adtabase connections.  Unfortunately, this wasn't documented
> until recently.  In ZODB 3.3, transaction.interfaces has
> IDataManagerOriginal which attempts to document the ZODB 3.2
> transaction-manager interface.

Alas, no, ZODB 3.3 has no such thing.  IDataManagerOriginal was introduced
in ZODB 3.4, and seems to have gotten thrown away during the ZODB sprint,
although a comment still refers to it.  Have to look at an old revision to
find it now:

> Unfortunately, the data manager interface for ZODB 3.3 isn't accurately
> documented yet.  (There's even a bonus inacurate interface. ;) Tim and I
> intend to fix this this week.

And betting there's more to be fixed than we realize even now <0.9 wink>.

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