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I implemented a pre-commit hook on transaction supporting subscribers
within CPS for our indexation use case. (for ZODB-3.2.x on


if you're interested to take a look at it :


I get a traceback from viewcvs when I try to view the patch.

The difference I can see with your proposal is the abort() hook facility
that can be a good thing especially if the subscriber code has to
communicate with external programs for rollback purpose.

I suggest that if you are going to "communicate with external programs for rollback purpose", it would be much better to participate as a data manager.

I would say that the main difference is that with the simple hook
facility I proposed, you can just register simple callables. You
don't have to create a class.

I also don't see any point in making it the responsibility of
the hook to register itself, or what the queue business is about.


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