Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:

I am in need for some help. We are using Zope 2.6.2, DBTab on the clients (4 of them on 2 servers) and Directory storage on teh ZEO side.

Out of interest, why are you using DirectoryStorage?

here is where the wirdness starts. It seems that ALL the clients stop responding. I verified this by acceident when I restarted the two nodes of the first server. Suddenly all four nodes started responding (even the two that where not restarted) and the ZEO-serverlog started to log events again.

This leads me to wonder if there indeed is some interaction between the ZEO-clients that we need to be aware of.

Well, ZEO storage server is single threaded, so I guess something could lock there causing the other clients to wait infinitely for the storage server. Never heard of it though. You sure you're using the latest DirectoryStorage? Can you reproduce this using just plain FileStorage?



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