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[John Belmonte]

I'm trying to update my experimental ZODB Debian package to 3.4.0a1. The
new change of having version numbers hard-coded in file paths within the
source package (e.g. Dependencies/BTrees-ZODB3-3.4.0a1) is very

Not really new:  for ZODB it started with 3.3b1, last June.  Same kind of
deal with Zope3 too.

This means that any patch to the upstream source I try to maintain will
surely not apply cleanly on each new release, because file paths will
have changed.  I've never seen this kind of practice in a source package.
Would you please remove the version numbers from these paths?

You have to talk to Jim (Fulton) about this; it comes with using zpkg:


The shape of zpkgtools-based distributions is very unpopular -- and my fault. We will probably change this, eventually.

BTW, don't you install ("setup.py install") ZODB?  There shouldn't be any
paths containing version numbers in the installed tree.

Right. I would expect packagers to either package an installed version or to incorporate the included installer. Alternatively, if there is distutils bdist support for Debian, then I would hope a package could be generated with that using the included install.py.


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