DJTB wrote:
What should I do to make sure RAM is no longer a limiting factor?
(in other words: The program should work with any (large) value of
self.__range and self.__et_count
Because in my case, self.__et_count = 5000 is only a toy example...)
I'm now working on a PC with 2.5 GB RAM and even that's not enough!

Grab the Zope2 sources and read lib/python/OFS/ Zope's OFS.Image.Image class (and also Zope3's implementation) is using a so called possible large data class (Pdata) that is a subclass of Persistent.

Pdata is using a simple and genious approach to minimize the memory usage when storing large binary data in ZODB. The data is read from a temporary file chunk by chunk. Each chunk is stored inside a Pdata object and committed in a subtransaction. The Pdata objects are linked in a simple linear chain just like a linear list connected with pointers in old style C.

Try to understand the code. It might help to solve your problem. In general: Don't try to store large data in one block like a binary string. Use small, persistent chunks.

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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