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Grab the Zope2 sources and read lib/python/OFS/Image.py. Zope's
OFS.Image.Image class (and also Zope3's implementation) is using a so
called possible large data class (Pdata) that is a subclass of

Pdata is using a simple and genious approach to minimize the memory
usage when storing large binary data in ZODB. The data is read from a

Actually Pdata has some drawbacks. When the blobsupport branch gets
declared stable (I think it's not gonna happen in 3.4, but nobody told
me otherwise) we'll have really good blob support without this black

The Pdata approach in general is not bad. I have implemented a CVS-like file
repository lately where we store binary content using a pdata like structure. Our largest files are around (100MB) and the performance and efficiency is not bad although it could be better. The bottleneck is either the ZEO communication or just the network. I reach about 3.5 MB/second while reading such a large file from the ZEO server.


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