Tim Peters wrote:
[Christian Heimes]


Something else strikes me. Why am I unable to roll back to the same
savepoint multiple times?

Because that's how it works <wink>.  Maybe Jim can explain why quickly --
offhand I'm not sure.  I don't think it could be guessed from the interface

class InvalidSavepointRollbackError(Exception):
    """Attempt to rollback an invalid savepoint.

    A savepoint may be invalid because:

    - The surrounding transaction has committed or aborted.

    - An earlier savepoint in the same transaction has been rolled back.

The last line there reads like it's OK to roll back to the _same_ savepoint
multiple times (it's not earlier than itself ...).


>  But
transaction/savepoint.txt explicitly says (and tests that) you can't, so
it's intended behavior:

Yup, but I think it is incorrect behavior.


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