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Nesting savepoints works according to your test and I really believe you that they work in real live. Honestly! :) But there is some evil code in transaction/ that is destroying savepoints for my use case. Committing a subtransaction using the old and deprecated transaction.commit(1) syntax is invalidating all savepoints. The invalidation would be harmless but the zcatalog has a nasty feature. It is committing a subtransaction + GC cleanup after cataloging n object in a transaction. IIRC n=10,000 by default which might be reached much earlier than one can imagine.

subtransactions != savepoints

There is *no* promise of nestability with subtransactions.
Committing a subtransaction invalidates prior savepoints by
design.  This is necessary to maintain backward compatibility.
If you don't like this behavior, don't
use subtransactions.  A good community project would be
to convert all of the subtransaction calls in Zope to
savepoint calls.


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