[Julien Anguenot]
> Zope3 seems to use one (1) underscore as a suffix like in :
> See for instance this :
> """ def subscriber(_context, for_=None, factory=None, handler=None,
> provides=None, permission=None, trusted=False, locate=False):
> """

That's a semi-standard convention for dealing with names that conflict with
Python keywords (it's a syntax error to name an argument "for" -- or "def"
or "while", etc).

> But here, the problem is, as well, the method's signature and backward
> compatibility for the beforeCommitHook() method since the only way to do
> it would be to extract the "order_" from the **kws and then remove it
> before storing the hook info in the data structure which doesn't provide
> really a nice implementation in my opinion...

Yup, it gets ugly ;-)

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