Jim Fulton wrote at 2005-8-24 16:08 -0400:
> ...
>> I have a *package* (similar to Archetypes SQLStorage) that
>> wants to go after everything that might possibly change attributes
>> whether those changes are done by another component from me
>> or any package developped by someone else.
>So again, you don't need ordeing, you just want to go last.
>Just register an intermediate hook that registers the real
>hook when it is called.

I do not understand this argument:

  Now you already know two components from which you think
  they would want to come last (mine
  and that of Nuxedo). But only one can win.

  neither of these components really requires to come
  last. Instead, they require to come after some other hooks
  with some behaviour (mine wants to come after any hook
  that may still modify any attributes).

  These requirements are difficult to formalise.

  However, having a global scale (such as the "order" argument),
  *configuration* (by an intelligent person) can assign
  order values to the various components such that there requirements
  are met.

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