Sidnei da Silva wrote at 2005-9-1 17:13 -0300:
> ...
>Yes, he's the one in charge of registering the subscribers so they are
>called in the order he wants them to.
>  event(IBeforeSubsystem, SubSystem)
>  execute SubSystem
>  event(IAfterSubsystem, Subsystem)
>Back to my example, 'B' would subscribe to 'event(IAfterSubsystem,
>A)', and 'AB' could subscribe to 'event(IBeforeSubsystem, B)'.

You mean the integrator would subscribe "B" to "event(after, A)"
and "AB" to "event(before, B)"?

That is near what I am looking for (the individual systems do not
know about each other -- only the integrator does).

However, I find it more natural to use numbers on a global
scale to coordinate the subsystems than explicit tighing systems
on one another.

   If I decide to remove one of the subsystems
   used as docking point for a different one, then
   the other systems will no longer be activated.

But, probably, this is a matter of preferences.

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