Victor Safronovich wrote:
Hello Chris Withers,

Friday, September 23, 2005, 9:12:19 PM, you wrote:

CW> Why not just use MaildropHost?
  1. Because it is *nix only, it use os.fork(), using Thread.setDaemon(1) is 
more friendly for me.

I KNOW Jens will accept good patches ;-)

  2. Because it takes all his options from Config file, not Zodb objects.

...maybe even for this.

  3. Because there is imposible to  import  mainloop from
        Products.MaildropHost.maildrop.maildrop, because
        Products.MaildropHost.maildrop is not package.


  4. Because  "mainloop"  is  the huge function, MainLoop class with small 
methods is more
  friendly for me, to subclassing from it.

again, I'm sure patches would be accepted...

  This topic is not a zodb-dev problem and should be moved to zope-dev.

...or likely [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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