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Dieter Maurer  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Victor Safronovich wrote at 2005-9-21 17:19 +0600:

I used a MailHost product for e-mail notifications, but it sends
mails at runtime. And when there are errors in transaction, objects
have been created and its not commited, but users received mails.

I think i must use an after commit hook, but transactions not
supported such hooks.

Do you not want to send the email and make the SQL/ZODB modification
in the *SAME* transaction?

Your approach would send the email after the transaction.
When the sending failed, your transaction were committed nevertheless.

Jens made a transaction aware mailhost. I think, its name
is "MailDropHost". It opens a connection to the mail server,
lets it check all of the message (and reports any problems)
but delays the final "commit" until the transaction is committed.

As an additional advantage, this could already be implemented
with ancient ZODB versions -- it does not need any extensions.

I agree with Dieter, the above use cases clearly want to be *in* the
transaction. Email sending *definitely* wants to be transactional.

The only use case I can see where a post-commit hook would be useful is
the "audit logging" thing someone mentionned a few days ago.

I agree.  I think the logging use case is sufficient justification for this.

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