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Thursday, September 22, 2005, 12:23:05 AM, you wrote:

DM> Do you not want to send the email and make the SQL/ZODB modification
DM> in the *SAME* transaction?
  I want to send, but after transaction is done with positive result.

DM> Your approach would send the email after the transaction.
DM> When the sending failed, your transaction were committed nevertheless.
  Yes,  if  sending failed users never see SMTPErrors, but this errors loged in 
  log. Otherwise if there were conflicts in transaction, users have received
  the  same  messages  up to 3 time. Or errors in transaction, users have 
  notifications  about some modifications in the data base, but this 
  didn`t commited.

DM> Jens made a transaction aware mailhost. I think, its name
DM> is "MailDropHost". It opens a connection to the mail server,
DM> lets it check all of the message (and reports any problems)
DM> but delays the final "commit" until the transaction is committed.
  I  know  about  this  product,  it  sends  mails  asynchronously and reported 
  problems   to  his  LOG too,  not  to  the main thread. Transaction register
  its TransactionalEmail objects too.
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