On 23 Nov 2005, at 17:28, Dirksen Lau wrote:

On 11/23/05, Jens Vagelpohl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On 23 Nov 2005, at 17:06, Dirksen Lau wrote:
1. Open the ZMI of the root;
2. Create one object of whatever type (such as a DTML method);
3. Keep refreshing the browser. 4 out of 10 the new object disappears from the folder content list! If I surf dirrectly to the object, such
as localhost/foo, I'd get 404 too if I keep refreshing the page.
4. If I open the UNDO log, the add record is always there, so looks
like the ZODB is intact.
5. It happens to delesion as well, i.e. the deleted object re- appears
after some times of refreshing.
6. It's very illusive. I can reproduce it on two Zope instances on the same machine, but not on other 3. After I restart those affected two,
the sympton is just gone.

Any idea what's happening?

It's probably browser caching. Your browser gives you stale data.
If that's the case, why restarting zope fixes the problem? And double
check on my IE configuration, the cache is set to 'check for newer
versions of stored pages on every visit ot the page'.

I trust those settings in the browser as far as I can throw them, err, their developers. Especially with IE, which is nearly unpredictable when it comes to browser caching.


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