>>> I have a object that subclasses from Shared.DC.ZRDB.TM and it's bombing
>>> with a 'TypeError: Savepoints unsupported' with Zope 2.8.

>> Please find a full traceback and share it.


> Happens on line 632 of a current Zope 2.8 checkout:
>                 if not optimistic:
>                     raise TypeError("Savepoints unsupported", datamanager)

Sorry, but that doesn't help (I knew where the message was coming from).
"Full traceback" means the whole stack, including why we got into the code
you showed here to begin with (it's why we got to that line that's
important, not that we ended up there -- and that's what a full traceback
would tell us).

> 'datamanager' is a MultiObjectResourceAdapter for a subclass of
> Shared.DC.ZRDB.TM that was registered using the 'register' method of the
> Transaction class.

It's the traceback that's needed here.  You're working too hard ;-)

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