On 1/24/06, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Much more worrying for me is that the exception comes from ZEO:
>   ZEO should *NEVER* raise "ReadConflictError" exceptions!
> Okay, I see: "TemporaryStorage" raises "ConflictError"
> when other storages would raise "POSKeyError": something
> tries to access an "oid" that was recently garbage collected (i.e.
> deleted).
> What you see may be a result of "tempstorage" not implementing
> faithfull MVCC...

Perhaps someone tried to solve Chris's earlier problems with
POSKeyError by renaming the error.  This sound like a problem. 
Perhaps the generic layer of storage tests should have a test that
verifies the correct behavior.  Or maybe it does and TemporaryStorage
isn't running that test.

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