Gary Poster wrote:
> I have some code that might be worth putting into ZODB.
> There are three bits.
> - Two flavors of persistent queue.  Both have a conflict resolution
> policy to be about as lenient as I could make it.  They don't expect to
> ever hold multiple instances of equivalent values at the same time.  One
> flavor puts all of the contents in a single data structure, while the
> other divides it up into smaller persistent objects, a la
> BTree/Buckets.  These might go in the persistent package, but tests
> require ZODB, so I'm not sure.  See
> and

Yes definitely +1 for this. We have a real need here for this,
especially with zasync, as you already know. We actually are maintaining
our own persistent queue that we re using with zasync for couple of
weeks now on production site.


> - Hacked version of MappingStorage (barely) appropriate for testing
> conflict resolution code.  It might go in ZODB/tests/utils.  I'd need
> something like it to include the persistent queue tests.  See

+1 as well for this.


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