Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:
Gary Poster said the following on 2006-02-03 03:32:
- Two flavors of persistent queue.

I have been debating with myself wether to expose or not my ignorance in all it's glamour, but finally concluded that appearances is nothing, knowledge is everything :)

So, what exactly is a persistent queue (I know what a queue is) and what applications does it have (or rather what kid of problems does it solve)?

Please enlighten me :-)

A persistent queue is a persistent datastructure for a queue, which is more specific than just a list, and thus can resolve conflicts better. In particular it can be free of write conflict errors in the case where you have multiple producers pushing on the queue and one consumer (or several maybe -- dunno) pulling from it.

This is very important to have queues of work that can be update by many asynchronous processes without fear of conflict errors.

This is vital for zasync, and other similar asynchronous queuing problems.


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