El jue, 23-03-2006 a las 15:02 -0500, Tim Peters escribió:
> [Antonio Beamud Montero]
> > But my server doesn't free any memory, now it uses 55Mb of resident
> > size... How I can debug this "references"?
> Many layers are involved in memory management, from ZODB through
> Python down to your platform C's malloc/free implementation and ending
> in your OS kernel  Unless you become knowledgable about all of them
> (and vital details vary wildly across specific platform C and OS
> versions), chances are decent you'll never find a correct answer.

I think I will remove ZODB from my server and use a SQL Object mapper
like SQLObject to see if I can get an stable server, or the dbapi
directly.. my experience with ZODB and threads has been a nightmare :(

A lot of thanks for your help, but this server is in a production/stable
system, and use unstable systems give me fear... (what's the next


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