> | I think I will remove ZODB from my server and use a SQL Object mapper
> | like SQLObject to see if I can get an stable server, or the dbapi
> | directly.. my experience with ZODB and threads has been a nightmare :(
> | 
> | A lot of thanks for your help, but this server is in a production/stable
> | system, and use unstable systems give me fear... (what's the next
> | problem?)
> Note that SQLObject has it's internal 'cache' of objects, and if you
> don't handle that carefully you might end up with memory bloat just as well!

Ok, first I'll make stress tests to check that, and with the raw
dbapi... if this problems continues I'll change to other
language... :-( (I've been using python for last 6 years, but with this
problems I cannot continue using it...)


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