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On 25 Apr 2006, at 15:09, David Pratt wrote:

The protocol is simple yes, but the iteractions w.r.t threading are sometimes subtle.

Hi Florent. This could be set up using a twisted's application object so that you have a twisted app using a twisted .tac. I guess this could still use the .conf as in this but twisted already has a means of daemonizing its services with twisted. This would give you something like this to start up zeo.

twistd -y zeo.tac

What are your thoughts?

Huh, I thought you were talking about the ZEO client, ClientStorage, not the ZEO server.
For the ZEO server I don't see the point of changing it, it works well.
OTOH a ClientStorage has to integrate with the other servers in Zope, and that's the one that would benefit from being moved to the twisted event loop if twisted is used.

(I'm mostly not paying attention to this thread but I have to speak up.)

I disagree.  ZEO should not be dependent on an application mail loop
at all.  It was a mistake to couple ZEO's networking at an application's
asyncore main loop.  This *greatly* complicated ZEO's implementation.
I'd much rather that ZEO's networking be independent of
an application.  Fortunately, asyncore allows multiple independent main loops.
Does Twisted?


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