Florent Guillaume wrote:

Huh, I thought you were talking about the ZEO client, ClientStorage, not the ZEO server.
For the ZEO server I don't see the point of changing it, it works well.
OTOH a ClientStorage has to integrate with the other servers in Zope, and that's the one that would benefit from being moved to the twisted event loop if twisted is used.

Hi Florent. Sorry I was meaning the whole not just asyncore and twisted integration for instances. I think re-implementing the zrpc protocol for ZEO server would clean things up quite a bit and make the security issue easier to deal with.

Then we are talking apples and probably less code as well since twisted handles a fair amount and its already in the zope distribution. Reading posts about about securing zeo etc from as far back as six years ago makes me wonder why not? Twisted uses zope interfaces, has all the right stuff and makes it easier on top of it. I am no networking guru for sure, but at the end of the day, zrpc is a simple custom protocol that should be pretty doable in twisted without building custom add ons to secure network communication.

Is there is any strong opposition to using the twistd daemon for a twisted zeo service?

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