On Sunday 14 May 2006 21:52, Jim Fulton wrote:
> Toby, this is almost certainly a question for you. :)
> Can someone explain to me why getExtensionMethods is needed in the
> storage API?  It's not used by anything in ZODB. 

ZEO proxies the standard storage API.

The original requirement is for ZEO to support storages which expose extended 
functionality via an extended API. DirectoryStorage uses this to allow 
control of its snapshot mode.

> I'm incluned to remove it,

It would be mildly disappointing if there was no way of accessing an extended 
storage API over ZEO. However I have no concerns about seeing 
getExtensionMethods replaced with some alternative mechanism (possibly more 
complex for the consumer(s) of this extended API, if that makes it more 
sustainable within ZEO)

First proposed here...
and an implementation discussed in the thread starting here...

Toby Dickenson
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