Dieter Maurer wrote:

      If for example 10 Zope objects are modified and
      this cause the full text indexes to be updated
      then this can cause more modifications than
      the update of hundreds of Postgres rows
      (as such rows cannot contain mass data -- due to the restriction
      to simple types).

Yes, indexing seems to be the big problem here...
I wonder if there's a way to move indexing out of "the zodb".
The main things I get from ZODB are simplicity of data storage (ie: just playing with python objects) and robustness of data.

For the first point, indexing is never simple ;-)
For the second, if indexes become corrupt, they can be rebuilt.

I wonder if there's something to be said for having a generic object indexing service that didn't use ZODB but used its own local indexes and re-indexed as needed or if the indexes are corrupt?



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