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If you have a catalog-heavy site with high activity it does make
sense and is not hard to do. To really get a I/O benefit you should
have that ZODB served off a different disk drive or host, and if
you're on the same host served through a separate ZEO server process.

I've never tried to mount just the catalog by designating the
container-class in zope.conf as the ZCatalog class, I always had the
catalog(s) in a separate folder off to the side and QueueCatalogs
where the catalog would normally reside. Then I just mount that
folder with the catalog(s) in it.

OK, cool. We have a client where the indexing is done asynchronously
as well, with zasync. Should the load on the ZEO server get to be a
problem there I now know what to do. :-)

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