from the project management perspective: Does that mean we're on a
feature freeze for 3.7?

I still have to deal with one bug on windows (which is likely just a
problem in the test itself that fails, not in the blob code) until I can
merge into the trunk and I'd be very happy to commit this soon.


Jim Fulton wrote:
> I've released a fairly experimental 3.7 release,
> http://www.python.org/pypi/ZODB3/3.7.0b3.
> Unlike older ZODB releases, this release only installs the
> packages that are part of ZODB.  It doesn't include ZConfig
> zdaemon, zope.testing, zope.proxy and zope.interface.  These
> are now dependencies that need to be installed separately.
> If this release is installed with easy_install or zc.buildout
> then the dependencies should be installed automatically.
> I haven't modified mkzeoinst to reflect the fact that
> the dependencies are no-longer included in the distribution.
> As a consequence, the instances built by mkzeoinst will only
> work if the dependencies are on the python path (e.g. installed
> into site-packages.)  I will need to modify mkzeiinst to
> deal with this.
> Anyway, if people want to play with it, feedback is welcome.
> I'm currently using the release in a project in which I install the
> release with zc.buildout.
> Jim

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