I've released a fairly experimental 3.7 release,

Unlike older ZODB releases, this release only installs the
packages that are part of ZODB.  It doesn't include ZConfig
zdaemon, zope.testing, zope.proxy and zope.interface.  These
are now dependencies that need to be installed separately.
If this release is installed with easy_install or zc.buildout
then the dependencies should be installed automatically.

I haven't modified mkzeoinst to reflect the fact that
the dependencies are no-longer included in the distribution.
As a consequence, the instances built by mkzeoinst will only
work if the dependencies are on the python path (e.g. installed
into site-packages.)  I will need to modify mkzeiinst to
deal with this.

Anyway, if people want to play with it, feedback is welcome.
I'm currently using the release in a project in which I install the
release with zc.buildout.


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