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I'm writing a small application for which I want to use ZODB's persistence machinery. I have a couple of question, though.

I have read that each thread should have its own connection to the DB. However, in my case, each thread should be aware of what is actually in the DB at all times. So I wonder if I can shared the connection between those threads as long as I take the means to protect it (i.e RLock).

My scenario is akin a consumer-producer with shared buffer. Consumers pull items from the buffer whilst producers put items in the buffer. The buffer is an OOBTree along with an IOBTree which gives "serial" numbers to the keys of the OOBTree.

The other question is about compiling ZODB without using the out-of-the-box distutils installation procedure. I'm also playing with Zope and Plone, so I have several instances on the same machine. I think installing with distutils may cause conflicts with the Zope instances. Am I right? If so, then how should I install ZODB side-by-side the consumer-producer application?

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