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Hi Jim. I have been quite interested in this also so have experimented and continue on this also. The way I am doing the networking it similar to ngi I have put this together before you defined these interfaces.

I'm not sure which "this" you're referring to. I assume you mean using Twisted for ZEO. I don't see that that has much to do with the new storage interfaces.

In what way is your networking similar to ngi?

Note that I wrote ngi based on a misunderstanding of Twisted. :( I didn't realize that Twisted application code didn't touch sockets and therefore could be tested without using sockets, threads or subprocesses. IMO, this is Twisted's most important feature. I recently finished my first Twisted application and I was very pleased with my ability to create sane tests for it, although it's test support infrastructure could use improvement, which I plan to do.

I have got a basic transport to use prospective broker and banana protocol. So a client and server but I have not yet put together the methods for interacting with the storage.

I plan to stick with the existing ZEO protocol, both for compatibility and for performance reasons. Out of curiosity, does perspective broker support one-way calls, messages sent without replies? Scanning the docs, I can't tell. Of course, not waiting for replies is inherent in Twisted's defered model I suppose.


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