The ZODB 3.8.0b1 release is available at:

The major changes since 3.8.0a1 are in Blobs. Blobs have been re- factored a fair bit.

Some backward incompatible changes include:

- The Blob class is now imported from ZODB.blob.

- The Blob openDetached method has bee replaced by the committed method. It is now possible to get a blob file name that can be handed to external programs for reading.

- Text-mode blobs are no-longer supported. All blobs are implicitly in binary mode. There is no need to specify this in the blob open method. The valid modes, 'r', 'w', 'a', and 'r+' are all implicitly binary.

- Calling consumeFile with an open file is no-longer supported.

I've also made a 3.8 release branch. Any bug fixes should be applied to the branch, the trunk and earlier branches as appropriate. Work toward 3.9 can proceed on the trunk.


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