On Jul 12, 2007, at 11:24 AM, Torgil Svensson wrote:
I managed to find the egg at PyPI site (last time i've downloaded from
zope.org at ttp://zope.org/Products/ZODB3.1 where there are no eggs

That's a very old and unsupported release anyway. I no longer publish ZODB releases on zope.org. I just use PyPI.

Another problem is that there are no binary packages for
zope-interface/ win32 / python2.5 available for download at

In general most of us are releasing packages through PyPI. I suggest always looking there first.

I'll need to make 2.5 windows releases for ZODB's dependencies. I'm sorry I missed that. I guess I need to set up an environment to test the egg based releases on windows.

I'll try to install the egg once I get over the egg-install barrier
(Quick Guide) and see if the zope-interface follows with the install.

Thanks for the support and for a great product.

Thanks for the nice words and the patience.


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