Jim Fulton wrote at 2007-12-28 10:20 -0500:
> ...
>There Berkely Database Storage supported automatic incremental packing  
>without garbage collection.  If someone were to revitalize that effort  
>and if one was willing to do without cyclic garbage collection, then  
>that storage would remove the need for the sort of disruptive pack we  
>have with FileStorage now.

Why do you consider "pack" disruptive?

>Note that I'm working on a new FileStorage packer that is 2-3 times  
>faster and, I believe, much less disruptive than the current packing  

If you are at it: I think the lock which protects the "finish" test
is hold too long. Currently, it is just release for a very short time
and then immeadiately reacquired. It should be safe to release it
immediately after the "finish" test has failed.

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