Eric Brun wrote:
Hi all,

I had convert a FileStorage (Data.fs) in to a RelStorage : Postgresql 8.1, psycopg2, Zope 2.9.8
, Python 2.4.5, Plone 2.1 + FileSystemStorage

Zope 2.9.8 have ZODB 3.6.3 version but patch for 3.7.1 run ...

I have poor performance like FileStorage perhaps more bad
My base have size of 5,5 Go. When I try to pack with RelStorage, it's very slow
, I launch it for 15 hours without success yet.

That's too long, I agree. I have just committed to Subversion a change that makes RelStorage log diagnostic info during packing. Could you try it out and send me the relevant portion log? Before you do it, please enable debug-level logging in zope.conf by setting "level debug" in the <eventlog> section.

You could also try setting the "pack-gc no" option in the <relstorage> section.


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