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Jim Fulton wrote:
The most recent releases of ZODB 3.8 have *numerous* cache-management
fixes. They also lock persistent cache files so you can't corrupt them
by trying to open them in multiple processes.  Some of the fixes affect
non-persistent as well as persistent cache files.

Has zodb 3.8 made it into a stable zope 2 release?

Zope 2.11 ships with ZODB 3.8.0.

What I'd *really* like is a stable zodb release with Christian's patches
for zeoraid and Shane's patches for RelStorage that then feeds through
into a stable release of Zope 2.

They aren't part of the ZODB 3.8  but part of the trunk/3.9 - right?

What needs to happen for that to happen?

Since those changes/patches won't show in a ZODB 3.8, you likely have to wait for ZODB 3.9 which would appear in Zope 2.12. Everything else would be against our basic release policies. An eggified Zope 2 version (perhaps with 2.12) should allows to exchange the ZODB versions more easily *sigh*


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