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>> Unfortunately the application having the issues is Plone 3.3. ZODB 3.9
>> depends on Zope 2.12 so, right?
> ZODB does depend on Zope anything. :)
> Plone 3.3 may use an earlier version of ZODB. but perhaps it is
> possible to get it to work with a later one. I wouldn't know. :)

Plone 3.x uses Zope 2.10 and ZODB 3.7. Upgrading it to ZODB 3.8.x is trivial.

But the changes in ZODB 3.9 (essentially the removal of the version
feature) require a bunch of non-trivial changes to Zope2. So only Zope
2.12 works with ZODB 3.9.

Anyone using Plone 3.x who wants to use blobs is therefor stuck with
ZODB 3.8.x. It's not supported by Plone and considered experimental on
all layers :)

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