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> Jim Fulton wrote:
>>>> Another issue is that, as things are now, while an index is being
>>>> saved, no transactions can be committed.  This is less serious now
>>>> that saving indexes is much faster, however, saving a large index
>>>> may still take several seconds, and that might be a problem for
>>>> some applications.
>>>> I'd be happy to add an option to save indexes after every N
>>>> records written, where N would be given by the option.
>>> So what is the difference between such a new option and fixing the
>>> "flawed"
>>> algorithm as mentioned above?
>> There would be explicit control. You's be able to say how often (in
>> terms of records written) you'd save indexes.
> Assuming we could get this feature with ZODB 3.10 (perhaps with a
> funding)..
> could ZODB 3.8 clients (Zope 2.11) safely talk with a ZODB 3.10 ZEO
> server?

Yes. The only hitch is that 3.10 servers will not support undo for
older clients.


Jim Fulton
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