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> Hi All,
> I am writing to you for Packt Publishing, the publishers of computer related
> books.
> We are planning to expand the catalogue of our books on databases and are
> looking forward to publish some books on NoSQL.
> Currently we are inviting people interested in writing NoSQL books for
> Packt. This doesn't need any past writing experience. All that we need is an
> expert subject knowledge, a passion to share it with others and an ability
> to communicate clearly in English.
> So, if you love ZoDB and fancy writing a book, send your book ideas to us at
> aut...@packtpub.com. Even if you don't have a book idea and are simply
> interested in writing a book, we are still keen to hear from you.
> More details about the opportunity are available at:
> http://authors.packtpub.com/content/inviting-open-source-nosql-databases-fanatics-write-packt

+1 for a Book about ZODB.

There should be one or two chapters about using ZODB with Zope 2, Grok
& BlueBream.
May be with with non-Zope frameworks like Pylons/Django (I am not sure
whether anyone
has done that).

Baiju M
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