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>> More details about the opportunity are available at:
>> http://authors.packtpub.com/content/inviting-open-source-nosql-databases-fanatics-write-packt
> +1 for a Book about ZODB.
> There should be one or two chapters about using ZODB with Zope 2, Grok
> & BlueBream.
> May be with with non-Zope frameworks like Pylons/Django (I am not sure
> whether anyone
> has done that).

I think that is a better idea to focus specifically in ZODB and use one or two
chapters to cover integration with Web Frameworks.

I believe that it's time to put ZODB inside the NoSQL 'hype' and write a book
to show ZODB as a good alternative to CouchDB, MongoDB, etc for Python

I would like to suggest the following topics in this book:

 - How ZODB works (Pickle, Storages, multi-/Databases, Connection, ...)
 - How to use the persistent objects
 - Index objects and search/get object (catalog, full-text search, etc)
 - Change persistent objects (scheme evolution, automating scripts, ...)
 - Debug and Profile applications
 - Scaling (ZEO, cache, memcache, RelStorage, ...)
 - Manage (pack, backup, fix data corruptions(?), ...)
 - Integrating with Web Frameworks (Django, Zope, Pylons, bfg.repoze, ...)

Cover these topics developing a 'real-world application' example would be
even better.

I really like to see this book but I can't write it because (as you can see)
I don't have the right english skills to write something bigger than an
e-mail message (and I'm not a ZODB expert either).


PS. I'm working on a django-zodb application to use ZODB with Django. You
    can take a look (and contribute) in our GitHub project page:

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