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> Do you know that Zope 2.10 won't work with ZODB 3.9? If so, I'm
> curious why?

Zope 2.10 includes ZODB 3.7 by default. 3.8 does work fine with it.
But in 3.9 versions got removed. There was a good deal of code in Zope
2 that still claimed to support or depend on versions. We only cleaned
out all those places in the Zope 2.12 code.

Of course it's possible to create a branch of Zope 2.10 and backport
these changes, but since 2.10 is long out of maintenance, those
changes would never be released in an official version.

Instead we recommend all Plone people to upgrade to Plone 4 which
includes Zope 2.12 and ZODB 3.9 and even runs fine with ZODB 3.10.

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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