> On 14/10/2010 02:40, Darryl Dixon - Winterhouse Consulting wrote:
>>> ...and fsdump appears to have no way of saying "show me the last few
>>> transactions in this 35GB file" :-(
>> Yeah it's pretty verbose. I usually just pump the output to a text file
> ...yeah, but a 35GB zodb is going to result in, what, a 120? 200? GB
> text file. I don't think I actually have that much disk space lying
> around on these servers, let alone how long fsdump would take to produce
> it ;-)

No, definitely not. The fsdump does not dump textual representations of
complete objects, but rather, a summary of each transaction including when
it began, what offset into the db file it lives at, and what OIDs
including class information were included in that transaction. The text
output is much smaller than the actual DB.  The class information is what
might give you the best clue as to what caused the transaction - if it
turns out to be a class(es) that you only use for a specific project, or
in a specific content object etc, then that may be a solid hint for the

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