On 13/10/2010 15:59, Jim Fulton wrote:
>> So there's no logging I can turn on to see how long commits are taking,
>> unless I can get more of those 'transaction blocked' messages to show up?
> You can set the log level to debug. This will log the entire ZEO
> protocol. Analysis will take require a bit of work.  (Note that ZEO
> 3.10 no longer does this level of logging even at the debug level, as
> it slowed the server down.)

yeah, slowing the server down is what I'm worried about so I'm not gonna 
do this unless someone tells me I really need to ;-)

> You could temporarily hack the ZEO storage server code to collect
> statisics. That would probably be easier than debug logging.

It worries me a little that this kind of thing, which feels important 
for ZODB tuning, isn't available without hackery. Are there any plans to 
get some storage server stats accumulation?



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