> On 13/10/2010 15:23, Jim Fulton wrote:
>> You can connect to the monitor port in 3.9 and earlier,
>> if the monitor port is configured.  In 3.10, the monitor server is
>> replaced by a ZEO client method, server_status. This tells you
>> much the same information that's in the log messages.
> Okay, monitor port up and running now.
> I see commits listed when I'm not expecting any.
> Do we have any kind of "tail -f /some/filestorage.fs" yet? (or have we
> always had such a tool) to see what the last few transactions in the
> underlying file storage look like in a human-readable form?

fsdump.py gets you pretty close (ZODB/scripts/fsdump.py). Between that and
the Undo log for the DB inside Zope, you might be able to figure it out...

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