I mean P2P as in using a DHT (distributed hash table) for its storage
layer so that it can run in a network composed only of the client users
with no web-server, the same way that the file-sharing programs such as
azzureus and aMule work. We can develop a basic wiki/blog in this way,
but would prefer a mature CMS like Plone.

On 04/01/11 18:34, Andreas Jung wrote:
> Aran Dunkley wrote:
>> I'm
>> wondering what you guys, the core developers, think of the
>> practicalities of Plone in P2P, for example could ZODB use a DHT as its
>> storage layer? what kind of querying is required on the DHT?
> No idea what "P2P" means to you in particular.
> The ZODB is a mandatory requirement for Plone as storage layer. You may
> work on storage layer implementation for the ZODB fulfilling your
> requirements (similar to Relstorage implementing a RDBMS backend for the
> ZODB). I have strong doubts that a "P2P" or (cloud-ish) backend is
> feasible as the ZODB is ACID compatible and ACID is basically something
> you can not achieve in the cloud or better spoken in a highly
> distributed environment.
> -aj
For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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