Hey Andreas,

I think it makes sense if the storage backend is hosted on-premise (hence 
private cloud), and i think that's what Aran is thinking about.
They could have Plone->ZODB->Storage backend in the same datacenter, hence no 
latency problem and good network throughput, provided that the cloud storage 
used is capable of offering high performance.

Aran, are you thinking of developing your own DHT ?



On Jan 3, 2011, at 10:46 PM, Andreas Jung wrote:

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> Aran Dunkley wrote:
>> I mean P2P as in using a DHT (distributed hash table) for its storage
>> layer so that it can run in a network composed only of the client users
>> with no web-server, the same way that the file-sharing programs such as
>> azzureus and aMule work. We can develop a basic wiki/blog in this way,
>> but would prefer a mature CMS like Plone.
> As said: hard to achieve and it is highly questionable from the
> performance point of view having a distributed storage in the cloud.
> Applications like Plone basically require a storage backend with low
> network latency and good network throughput...so your idea is from my
> point of view neat but from the prospective of reality a a dead-horse
> from the beginning.
> - -aj

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