Hello all,

While doing some googling on ZEO + memcache I came across this:


Has anybody ever tried it?

I gave it a short try and after fixing a small issue with a return value 
(pull request sent) I managed to make it run. Despite some random errors 
related with TIDs (which should be simple to solve[?]) it seems to work 
OK. The decrease in loading time for very heavy pages is pretty 
noticeable for Indico, with the additional advantage that the cache can 
be shared cross-process and even cross-machine.

There is a small issue in the way ClientStorage initializes the client 
cache that seems to have got in the way of the original developer and 
that I bumped into while trying to initialize the memcached cache 
without having to hardcode the server address:

         if client is not None:
             dir = var or os.getcwd()
             cache_path = os.path.join(dir, "%s-%s.zec" % (client, storage))
             cache_path = None

         self._cache = self.ClientCacheClass(cache_path, size=cache_size)

could this be done such that the constructor argument for 
ClientCacheClass can be specified in a less restrictive way? For 
instance, by directly passing `client` and building the cache path 
inside the constructor? That would help a lot.



José Pedro Ferreira

Software Developer, Indico Project

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