Le vendredi 7 octobre 2011 14:16:42, Andreas Gabriel a écrit :
> However, is your implementation thread safe? Maybe I am blind ;). That was
> the reason  I used lovely.memcached as memcached connector. Each thread has
> its own connection and namespace to store keys. Therefore, the locks from
> one or more zeo-clients with multiple threads ẃere distinguishable.

You're not blind :) .

I didn't take care of which connection is used by which thread. IMHO, this 
belongs to another level, similarly to - for example - mysqldb vs. ZMySQLDA: 
the former just establishes a connection, the latter maintains a connection 
pool and takes care of binding a connection to a thread for the duration of a 

For my code to be usable in Zope, it needs to be managed by a database adapter 
implementing such pooling & binding, plus lock releases on transaction 

In current state my code should fit the needs of code outside transaction 
management, such as zeo.memcache .

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